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A game where you play as a cleaning person who is trying to keep afloat. Every day you go and clean up people's houses and you lose money if you do a bad job. In between days the player has to make choices about things that come up in your life. These choices could make you the extra money you need or deplete your funds. How many days can you make it before slipping into complete poverty.

We're guessing not long...

If you play the game, stream it or have any thoughts, please do let us know. We will be releasing the entire thing to the UE4 community (Project, assets, etc) soon.

Install instructions

Download -> unRAR WindowsNoEditor to anywhere -> Launch iamabutler.exe to play.

The game is persistent until you lose, then it will reset your stats so you can play again. Some stats will persist (i.e. high score)

Its quite possible you could

  • Break something and cause the game to do strange things.
  • Get a cold that never goes away
  • Fall out of the map
  • Suffer the depths of poverty because of video game physics and everything that comes along with that.
  • And much much more!


CleaningPerson.rar (129 MB)

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